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“Jeremy is one of the outstanding drone videographers in Australia.  We undertook research in 2016/17 when we sought video footage of our KPMG Dragon Boat Racing teams, training at Blackwattle Bay and all discussions came back to Jeremy.  He and his team hired a boat to be close to our paddling crews, and over 1 ½ hours took extensive stills and video footage – and then edited to 30sec, 2min and 6min videos paired with dramatic music, and an assortment of over 100 stills.  It is used extensively in our branding & team events – and every DBR Launch event each year.  Jeremy’s understanding of the regulations, use of drones and angles allowing for light, sun and wind, resulted in some of the most spectacular footage we could have imagined.  I would highly recommend Jeremy and his team to anyone seeking a highly professional drone footage.” 

James Hunter Partner, KPMG 

"Jeremy's creativity and attention to detail are truly unparalleled. With each project, he effortlessly brings a unique perspective to the table, capturing stunning aerial views that showcase the properties in the most captivating light. Jeremy's ability to compose shots that highlight the distinct features and architectural beauty of each property is a testament to his extraordinary talent."

Brendan Pomponio

CEO/Principal Belle Property Residential & Commercial

Belle Property Dee Why
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